Indispensable Things to Consider While Buying your Fitness Apparel

Contrary to the general perception, your gym wear or work out clothes do not have to be too expensive and fancy to be good. In fact, the best gym clothes are those that are specially designed to make exercise and working out as easy and smooth as possible.

By selecting the right type of workout or gym clothes, you can stay relaxed and safe during intense work out sessions. Right after completing a rigorous a workout session, a person usually feels exhausted, sweaty and tired. The clothes that you choose for your daily workout session can affect your mood and your feelings after exercise as well.

Following are some important factors to consider while buying clothes for the gym.

1.Which one to go for-Synthetic or Cotton Fabrics?

Some fabrics help to keep sweat away from the body during exercise, while some absorb it. Ideally, you need to invest in such fabrics that are breathable and do not cause any irritation to your skin. Try to opt for such synthetic fabrics that can keep sweat and moisture away to keep your skin cool and fresh.

Gym wear that is made of polypropylene is ideal to wear at the gym as it soaks sweat instantly and does not make your clothes too moist or sweaty. Wearing cotton tees and pants is another good option, however, cotton does not soak sweat as fast as polypropylene does. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid unbreathable fabrics that cannot soak sweat or moisture from your skin. 

2. Loose vs Fitted Outfits for the Gym  

There are different types of outfits for different exercises and work outs. For example, if you are jogging or cycling, try to avoid wearing wide-leg and loose pajamas or track pants to avoid any accident or injuries.

For yoga, pilates or meditation, wearing stretchable and well fitted pants and tops can help you stay relaxed and focused. If you enjoy more intense workouts such as weight lifting, then wearing shorts instead of pants and fitted tops instead of loose tees is a good idea.

3. Dressing for Each Season

If you don’t exercise in the gym and prefer to jog or do intense workouts outdoors, then you need to change your clothing according to the weather and climatic conditions of your area. For example, during hot and humid weather, try to wear more light and breathable fabrics that can soak up excessive moisture and sweat from your skin.

By wearing light colored clothes that are comfortable can help you to exercise and jog more freely and comfortably.

4. Dressing for the Gym in Winter

Choosing the right workout clothes for cold or dry weather can be quite tricky, especially if you want to lose weight. You need to make sure to dress appropriately in order to protect yourself against excessive cold. However, since workout itself elevates your body temperature and makes your body to sweat, it is equally important that you don’t wear too warm or tight clothes that can make you sweat excessively.  

5. Layering Workout Outfits to Stay Warm During Winters

It is recommended to dress in multiple layers for winters. Try to wear a polypropylene clothing first and wear an insulating layer of clothing on top of it. Make sure to wear gloves, caps and mufflers to protect your hands, ears and neck against excessive cold. The main benefit of modest dressing up in layers for winters is that one can easily adjust or remove any layer according to his body temperature.

5. Anti-microbial and UV Protection

Today, many clothing brands offer anti-microbial workout clothes to combat bad odor from sweat and  UV protection to protect you skin from excessive heat outdoors.

Whether the weather is warm or cold, you are bound to sweat while working out, therefore, try to wear clothes that are breathable and can make you feel good and relaxed during your work out session. If you exercise at the gym, outside or at home, you need to invest in your work out clothes wisely. Not only should they look good, but they need to be practical and durable to improve your performance and keep you motivated.

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